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The best way to get involved is to become a patron. Patrons directly influence our channel by providing us with inspiration, encouragement, and monetary support. It is 100% true to say that our channel would be NOTHING like it is without the support of our patrons. They are invaluable to everything we do. In exchange, we provide patrons with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, bonuses like phone calls and handwritten letters, plus whenever we’re in their corner of the world, they’re invited on board for a drink!

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My FAVOURITE part of what we do is connecting with so many amazing people. We’ve connected with boatbuilders, sailors, videographers, adventurers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. It’s pretty inspiring!

If you have a business proposal or project that you’d like to pitch to us, please let us know. We’ll get back to you ASAP, which means, whenever we’re in an anchorage that has cell service!

Email address: sailingmagiccarpet (at)

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Boat life gets expensive! If patreon isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to just make a one-time donation, we’re always eternally grateful for every extra dollar. Here’s a link to my PayPal page –– I used to call myself “TheMusicianGirl” in case you’re confused when you open the link haha.

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