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Maya: The Canadian Artist

Maya is a violinist, filmmaker, and writer. She is originally from the west coast of Canada, and got her first sailboat at age 18 for the price of $1. Since then, sailing the world has been her life’s mission.

Aladino: The Nomadic Boatbuilder

Aladino is a boatbuilder of confusing origin. Let’s say he’s Swiss, though you could also say he’s Italian, and he speaks 5 languages so he’s more or less at home anywhere in the world. He’s a professionally certified boatbuilder, and he spent four years restoring Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet: The Swedish Beauty

Magic Carpet is a Vindo 32 that fell 20ft from a crane onto concrete. She was destined for the junkyard, but Aladino decided to fix her instead. After 4 years and a truly impressive restoration, Magic Carpet is now home to both Maya and Aladino.

New Videos Every Week

Our YouTube channel is the core of what we do. Every week we share videos which document our voyage. We show you the places we visit, the highs and lows of a life spent on the ever changing ocean, and the work we do on the boat.

A Hand Made Boat

Four years ago, a beautiful Vindo 32 fell 20ft off a crane onto concrete. Insurance wrote it off. That’s when Aladino found it, bought it, and spent 4 years completely rebuilding the boat. That boat, Magic Carpet, is now our home.

Freshly Made Music

Our videos don’t just follow us around. They are carefully curated creations that tell our story through words, visuals, and of course –– music. Maya is a violinist and her live music adds a unique feeling to almost every episode.

Preserving Beauty

The ocean and its many islands have shown us some of the most beautiful views we’ve ever seen. But the ocean is getting increasingly choked with plastic, and the once-predictable global ocean weather patterns are getting less and less reliable. Magic Carpet is committed to educating ourselves and others about what we can do to preserve the incredible beauty we see everyday.


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