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From the Mediterranean, to the canals of Europe, to the Netherlands, to our new boat in the USA… come with us for the entire journey as we slowly become sailors and filmmakers.

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Season 1: The Mediterranean.

This is where it all started. We began the journey in Switzerland, before taking the canals and rivers down to the Mediterranean sea. We explored around Corsica, Sardinia, the Balearics, and Sicily for two seasons. Along the way we learned how to be better sailors and filmmakers. Join us as we find our footing.

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Season 2: North through the Continent

I’ll be honest: this is my favourite season to date. In November 2019, we embarked on a long journey to cross Europe via canals and rivers. The goal: to get to the North Sea. We travelled against the currents of the mighty Rhone River at the onset of winter. We were locked down in a picturesque French harbour during the first wave of Covid. We travelled through the storybookish Canal du Rhone au Rhin, a wonderland of ancient villages, castles, and locks. And finally, we careened down the intimidating Rhine River, at once both a terrifying and awe inspiring voyage. Along the way, we came into our own as filmmakers, and we documented one of the most unique journeys our little sailboat has ever been on.

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Season 3: The Netherlands

I don’t know the exact stats, but I’d be willing to bet that The Netherlands has the most boats per capita of any other nation. We hadn’t planned on spending an entire season exploring this relatively tiny country, but we kept being astounded by just how much of a sailor’s paradise it is. This is relaxed sailing, this is beautiful sailing, this is a vacation on the water. Come explore The Netherlands with us.

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Season 4: The Refit

After all the rest and relaxation of sailing in The Netherlands, we decided it was time for a bigger challenge. Much bigger. So we bought a boat, sight unseen, halfway around the world. The plan: refit this beauty to exacting standards, and then set off around the world.

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Bonus: The $1 Boat

This four part series is all about Maya’s first sailboat. She was 18, and it was given to her for $1 by some random strangers who she never met. The story is exactly as strange and as life changing as it sounds.

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Standalone Short Films

These are some of the short films we’ve made about sailing

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