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We love to hear from you. If you have an idea, proposal, or collaboration in mind, please send us an email! We are always interested in:

• Possible brand partnerships

• Meeting new friends — especially sailors, boatbuilders, and filmmakers!!

• Learning about new places we should visit, or new stories we should hear

*Please note that in person visits to Magic Carpet II are not possible*

By Email: SailingMagicCarpet (at)

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Please note that we receive a high volume of mail. It usually takes me at least a week to respond to all non-urgent communication. It’s only Aladino and me working on all this — we don’t have anyone helping us! Response times are usually a bit quicker via Patreon. 

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We are extremely proud to say that we’re 100% audience funded. We are extremely appreciative of this fact. Being audience supported means that we don’t need to rely on corporate sponsorships. We can create real, authentic content, and we can be extremely choosy about the brands we use. THANK YOU for watching.

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