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Aladino: the nomadic boatbuilder

Aladino is a boatbuilder of confusing origin. Let’s say he’s Swiss, though you could also say he’s Italian, and he speaks 5 languages so he’s more or less at home anywhere in the world. He’s a professionally certified boatbuilder, and although he loves the boatshed in his heart Aladino prefers to be out on the water. He is an extremely talented sailor, freediver, and spearfisher. 

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Maya: the Canadian artist

Maya is a musician, artist, filmmaker, and sailor. She is the driving force behind the Sailing Magic Carpet channel. A writer at heart, Maya enjoys turning real life adventures into a story that will draw you in. You can catch Maya playing her violin in beautiful anchorages, clambering  along beaches with a camera slung over her shoulder, or writing down new video ideas in a weather worn notebook. 

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Magic Carpet I

Magic Carpet I was our first boat together. She is a Vindo 32, built in Sweden in 1976. Despite her name, she is only 28ft long.

She has taken us all around Europe — from Sicily to Sweden. But in many ways, it’s a miracle that she floats at all, after a tragic accident that happened before she came to us.

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Magic Carpet II

Magic Carpet II is a Cape George 36, built in Port Townsend WA in 1982. She’s a beautiful and seaworthy boat, but she came to us in poor condition and is undergoing a massive refit. When the work is done, she will be our bluewater boat to sail around the world on.

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The Story

The Story

The Story

The Story

The Story

Magic Carpet I Refit

Magic Carpet I was a total shipwreck when Aladino bought her. She had fallen 20 feet off a crane onto concrete. Over the course of 4 years, Aladino lovingly restored her.

Sailing Europe

We sailed Magic Carpet all throughout the Western Mediterranean, visiting France, Italy, and Spain. We then went North to explore The Netherlands and the Baltic Sea.

North through the Continent

One of our most ambitious journeys yet: we travelled through the entire continent of Europe via canals and rivers.

Magic Carpet II Refit

It’s time to travel across oceans. Europe has been amazing, but remote islands are calling. But first, we need a boat that can get us there. That’s where Magic Carpet II comes in. When her refit is finished, we’ll begin by cruising the Canadian coastline — and then, we’ll set off around the world.

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What People Are Saying:

“Maya and Aladino, I’ve been watching your videos faithfully since very early in your journey. I started watching you because of my love of sailing, but quickly found that your personalities, talents, and lovely film making enrich my week! From travelogues, to construction details, to sharing your decision-making processes –– I love being invited into your world. Thank you for the artistry and consistency of your content!”

Bruce HSubscriber

“As so many others have stated, there is just something about your descriptions of events, places and your hard work that puts you two at the top of my sailing blog watch list. Can hardly wait for Friday to arrive.”

Zac ESubscriber

“One of my favourite sailing channels that I look forward to every week. Maya and Aladino are two young, beautiful, and talented people. Whether it's sailing the med, journeying through the canals, exploring the Dutch coast or skillfully restoring their boats, it's always a pleasure to come along for the ride. Thanks guys.”

Gavin SSubscriber